Sterling is our excellent young son, born in March 2005. His current favorite things are the solar system, mini-golf, eyeballs, and oatmeal. If you are a Friend of Sterling and would like a print of any of the photos here, just let us know.

Double Rainbow, 9/08; "Move It On Over" (with Daddy), 9/08; "Tous les Garcons & les Filles" (with Daddy), 9/08; Sterling and the Striped Shirt, 8/07; Sterling and the Table, 3/07; Sterling and the Alphabet, 12/06; Sterling and the Quarter-Inch of Snow, 11/06; Sterling and the NYC Playground, 8/06; Sterling and the Giant Watermelon, 7/06; Bubbly Baby, 2/06; Swingy, 8/05; Rattled, 7/05